Addiction Aftercare in Blacksburg, VA

So, you survived detox, and now you're about ready to check out of rehab and live happily ever after. Not so fast, friend. It's good news that you made it through rehab, but that's not all there is to lead a clean and sober life. Now is the right time to consider your options for addiction aftercare in Blacksburg, VA.

What Is Aftercare for Addiction Treatment?

Detoxing the body is only the first phase of a recovery process that lasts a lifetime. To stay clean and sober, addiction aftercare counseling is imperative. Peer group meetings with other recovering addicts and alcoholics may be quite beneficial to anyone who makes it through inpatient drug rehabs in Blacksburg. Recovering addicts who regularly attend outpatient rehab programs fare far better on the road to recovery when they actively participate in drug addiction aftercare programs.

Aftercare treatment, also sometimes called ‘late-stage' addiction treatment, happens during the period when the addict is most eager to regain control of their normal life. For many addicts and alcoholics, process-oriented peer group meetings and/or individual behavioral therapy counseling that focuses dealing with the painful life experiences that led the patient to use can be very helpful to anyone who desires to live a healthy, sober life.

Drug and alcohol addiction aftercare programs along with mental health therapy can help recovering addicts build healthier relationships and become better parents, too. As a nice bonus, aftercare addiction therapies may help the recovering addict become more employable, too.

How Did You Get Addicted?

If you're like most addicts, you began drinking or drugging because it felt good. Drinks and drugs may have helped you to shed your shyness and feel braver in social situations. Perhaps you started drugging and drinking to relieve emotional or physical pain. Maybe you endeavored to be accepted by a peer group, or maybe a trusted doctor prescribed pain pills, and now you can't stop taking them. Persons who become dependent on intoxicants typically take the first step into addiction voluntarily. When you or anyone consume certain drugs, your brain and body become accustomed to having that drug coursing through your system.

What Types of Programs for Addiction Aftercare in Blacksburg Are Involved?

Drug and alcohol addiction aftercare programs offer recovering drinkers and drug users receive the follow-up counseling and treatment they need to prevent discouraging relapses. Post-rehab programs may include 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, cognitive-behavioral therapies, and individual and group therapy sessions. Some addiction aftercare facilities offer alternative treatments such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and classes on mindful living and healthful nutrition.

Support groups, such as AA and NA are very effective in helping former users cope with the personal issues that led to their addiction. The understanding and supportive companionship provided by 12-step community help many Virginians remain drug-free and happily sober for the rest of their lives. If you drink too much or use prescription or street drugs to excess, please talk with someone at a qualified addiction care facility today.

Should I Enter an Addiction Aftercare Program?

If you have ‘graduated' from an inpatient drug or alcohol rehab program, you should definitely sign up for an aftercare program. Think of it as a sort of insurance that will help you stay steadfast on the path of progress. Persons with a dual diagnosis of mental health problems along with an addiction especially benefit from post-rehab programs to help them cope with addiction triggers. The right sort of drug addiction aftercare programs helps newly sober people like you learn new ways to live without resorting to drugs, alcohol, and other intoxicants.

Stats reveal that the majority of addicts who complete inpatient rehab experience at least one "slip" along the way. Many people who get sober go back to drinking or drugging within months of their discharge from an inpatient rehab facility. One way to prevent this from ever happening to you is to get involved and stay involved in programs for addiction aftercare in Blacksburg, VA. Call Blacksburg Alcohol Rehab Centers. (877) 804-1531

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